Birth Doula

Doula in Training

Corbin is currently in training to become a DONA certified Birthing Doula. In a few months, she will be offering her services as a dedicated doula at a discounted rate for up to three clients to meet training certifications. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Corbin. 

Bundling Birth Doula services with Reiki and Hypnotherapy are an option and are offered at a discounted rate. To learn more about how Reiki and Hypnotherapy can benefit your pregnancy and birth experience, please contact Corbin. 

Birth Philosophy

I believe in a woman’s natural right to take charge and follow her intuition during her pregnancy and birth. Every woman has the opportunity to listen to her body, freely enjoy her birth journey, and gently bring forth her baby in a peaceful, caring environment surrounded by support and love.

Training and Specialized Qualifications


DONA Birth Doula Workshop

17 hour immersive workshop Led by Ann Tumblin, LCCE, FACCE, CD(DONA), BDT(DONA), one of the more experienced DONA Birth Doula Trainers as she has led over 130 trainings in the past nineteen years.  

Childbirth Education Series

Led by Ann Tumblin, LCCE, FACCE, CD(DONA), BDT(DONA)

UNC OBGYN Birth Centering Program

Led by Certified Nurse Midwife, UNC Assistant Professor in the Midwifery Division

200 HR Certified Yoga Teacher

Yoga training included pre-natal training and is a great tool to utilize during pregnancy, while in labor, and to help position the baby for birth. 

Reiki Master

Reiki works in conjunction with medical and therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects, physical discomforts, reduce anxiety and fears, and promote recovery. It is a safe, non-invasive, holistic therapy for mothers to use throughout pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. It can help to reduce stress and calm the emotions that occur as a woman adjusts to the hormones and life changes associated with this time.  


  • Connect with your fetus while baby is in the womb. Some examples: experience when your energetic connection is like, learn how/if you have been together, why did they choose you as parents, what it's purpose is in this life and how you can best prepare to support them, what they would like to experience for the birth, what do they want their name to be, how are they doing in there?
  • Experience a womb regression. Regress to the time when you were in your mom's womb and explore your experience at various stages throughout her pregnancy. 
  • Hypnosis to help with conception, help prepare for parenthood, and address any fears, current parent relationship healing, or focus on empowerment
  • For fathers and partners: connect to the baby to help understand your huge contribution to the baby's experience throughout pregnancy 
  • Postpartum support. Re-connect with who you are, your essence, manage the inner parent part inside, and help with adapting to your new lifestyle.